[RENCONTRES] Venez rencontrer vos futurs partenaires européens !

14 septembre 2022
Technopôle Transalley

Venez rencontrer vos futurs partenaires européens !

L’ARIA Hauts-de-France, en partenariat avec Nord France Invest et Transalley, organise une rencontre avec des entreprises industrielles automobiles des Pays-Bas.


Pour garantir une bonne organisation, l’inscription est obligatoire.


Ci-dessous, vous trouverez les entreprises néerlandaises présentes lors de ces rencontres (le listing est mis à jour régulièrement) : 


Pieter Rahusen, Manager Business Development

  • Keywords: Automotive Campus in Helmond | located in Brainport Eindhoven | an national and international hotspot, meeting point and place of business in the field of automotive (technology) and smart mobility.

Peter Visser, Business Development

  • Keywords: Spatial ALD equipment | Nanocoatings | Industrial (R2R) coatings | Barrier layers | Battery improvements | Electrolyser and PVcoatings

Sébastien Moitzheim, Business Development Manager
Zach Bergman, Technical sales manager

  • Keywords: Technology to improve battery materials | We are in talks with various cell factories and automobile OEMs to apply this.

Emile Spijkers, Compressor Product Sales Manager

  • Keywords: Tribology | low friction sealing for EV rotor cooling | valves for thermal management and hydrogen | TIER 2

Auke Jisk Kronemeijer, Research Manager

  • Keywords: Research and Development | Thin Films for Energy | Thin Film Battery Technology | Thin Film Hydrogen Electrolysis | R&D Orchestrator

Jerry Willems, Business Developer

  • Keywords: Sound measurements | sound localization | sound behavior | sound design | R&D | OEM | automotive | smart technology


Ronald Van den Putte, Sr. BD Manager Automotive

  • Keywords: Knowledge institute | concentrating on sustainable transport | sustainable vehicles and powertrains | Energy management of the vehicle | In-depth knowledge on battery technology | fuel cells and hydrogen combustion

Marten Bootsma

  • Keywords: School for applied sciences technology | business | circular economy


Luc Kikkert, Senior Business Developer

  • Keywords: Research | Circular Electronics | Circular Batteries | Circular Strategy and materials for the energy transition

Rutger van Poppel, Program Manager

  • Keywords : Battery systems for heavy duty mobility – Second-use & recycling – Next.gen battery components and production processes – Battery Systems for netcongestion

Christian van der Woude, Project Lead Internationalisation

  • Keywords :research – innovation – government – roadmaps – valorization – valuechain – access to capital – access to talent – scaling up – cryptography -automated security -quantum computing – automotive – energy – forensics

Lukas Malinowski, Senior Business Development Manager

  • Keywords : material specialist | development and supply of silicon anode active material for next-generation Li-ion batteries | +40% energy density increase on cell level | reduced battery pack size with longer driving range and improved fast charging

Masashi Yanai, Director Design Centre

  • Keywords : SEKISUI Design Studio aim for Strategic Product Planning and POC Proof of Concept for new development product and new concept including smart material and smart technology which including printed and flexible electronics into materials. We are located inside Automotve Campus NL in Helmond NL

Margriet van Schijndel, Program Director Responsible Mobility

  • Keywords : AI – smart and sustainable mobility – user acceptance – CCAM – system optimization – knowledge institute – education, student teams


Bas Veldman, Project Manager Fieldlab

  • Keywords :Research institute in fields of Traffic & Transport and ICT

Sander ten Kate,CCO
Diederick Spee, CEO

  • Keywords :Kalpana Systems is committed to enable and improve high-volume manufacturing by delivering Roll-to-Roll S-ALD equipment that meets its customers throughput, uptime, and cost requirements

Hiroshi Murayama,Marketing Director

  • Keywords :Optical clear – Adhesive – Shock absorption – Sealing – Heat conductive


Description des entreprises présentes